Bishop Climbing Trip

Two days out in Bishop for my first outdoor climbing experience.

We drove up out of LA and camped on some BLM land outside of Lone Pine the night before, so we could get in a full day's worth of climbing.

At first, I thought this was Mt. Whitney --
      turns out it's Lone Pine Peak.                                          Whitney is actually over here somewhere,
                                   behind these rocks.

This majestic creature is Bailey, my friend's dog. She's the best :)

Jason couldn't tear his eyes away from her. Understandable.

Bailey, however, wasn't too concerned about posing for photos...

She was much more interested in what Pam was cooking up!

Thanks Pam!

Ah, here's Whitney!

Vilan warming up -- and showing me the ropes.

Don't die... don't die...

Didn't die!

My fingers hurt just watching people attempt these routes...

That's a wrap on the first day!

We had some trouble finding a spot to sleep the first night, but some
   friendly strangers let us park next to their spot. Thanks strangers!

Pam was the real MVP in the mornings.

Bailey wanted in on the action!

It's kinda hard to tell with this not-great positioning (my bad), but damn was this a tall wall!

She blends right in!

I was definitely climbing a bit above my skill here, but I tried!

We didn't want to get back to LA too late, so we headed out in the early afternoon.

We stopped by Black Sheep Coffee Roasters for a quick pit stop before starting the long drive home...

And what better way to end a climbing trip than at Park's BBQ!

Bonus picture: this is from my roommate's trip up to Bishop in early 2020 (pre-COVID).
He wanted me to include it, so here ya go!